Growing An Ecommerce Brand Is Hard…

We’ll Make It Easier For You

We’ve helped thousands of brand owners launch and grow successful, profitable brands while freeing up more time to do what they love.

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Build The Brand Of Your Dreams

Imagine this…

You’ve designed and created a truly innovative product that is #1 in its category in the market.

It’s selling like absolute hot cakes – in fact, your brand is so well known and in such hot demand with customers that your sales have grown exponentially!

You now enjoy the support of a whip smart team in your business and no longer have to busy yourself with the daily grind, like packing orders, answering the phone or posting on social media.

Your business brings in more than enough money to support you. In fact, it’s enabled you and your family to enjoy the lifestyle you’ve created, and even make money in your sleep.

As you probably know – it’s not quite as simple as just making a product, launching your brand and hoping for the best…

But the reality is….

→ You’re working long hours and know you need help, but don’t know how to make the leap from solo entrepreneur to employer…

→ You’re stuck packing orders and writing social media posts, when you know you should be focused on bigger picture growth…

→ You have dozens of tasks waiting for you each day, and sometimes feel like you might be focusing on unimportant things…

→ You want to scale and get your time back, but you’re spinning your wheels stuck in “busy”…

Sound familiar?

If you own an eCommerce business - of course they sound familiar!

What would it mean for you to have a team of experts with diverse specialties invested in your success?

How would it feel to have a place you could go for answers to the questions nobody in your postcode (let alone family) even understands?

What would it mean to your business if you could access a library of tools and trainings designed to help you avoid paying the “stupid tax” business owners are all too familiar with?

Well, now you can.

We put our collective 50-something years of experience growing eCommerce brands into one place and gathered our network of experts to help you scale up your business.

After helping literally thousands of eCommerce businesses unlock growth, it’s proven…

Your business will grow faster and become more profitable when you join the Productpreneur Academy.

The Productpreneur Academy will help you

Get clarity and save time

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Use our powerful tools and coaching to identify the projects and tasks that will actually help you grow your business and create a clean and prioritised plan.

Aquire More Customers

Attract and convert your ideal customer, increase average order value and maximise lifetime value by keeping customers around longer.

Grow Your Brand

Stop leaving money on the table with an unclear marketing strategy by implementing the proven frameworks in our training on email automation, Facebook, Google Ads and more.

What members are saying…

About The Productpreneur Academy

The Productpreneur Academy is an education platform offering Courses, Coaching and Mastermind programs for ambitious eCommerce entrepreneurs wanting to scale and grow profitable brands.

It is an exclusive business growth accelerator for product-based entrepreneurs (productpreneurs!) who want to learn how to grow a hugely profitable brand, FASTER.

Receive expert advice from our talented team of coaches and mentors – each of whom has already successfully grown their own hugely successful product-based businesses.

And network with a group of savvy Productpreneurs – a community specifically for ambitious entrepreneurs with product businesses.

You’ll learn the latest strategies to market and grow your brand via eCommerce, wholesale and export. You’ll learn exactly how to attract more of your ideal customers, create an amazing customer experience, streamline your sales processes and accelerate your sales growth.

Work With A Team Of Successful Productpreneurs

We know there are countless ‘experts’, business coaches and online courses out there right now, who promise entrepreneurs the ‘secrets to success’. But the reality is… there is no one secret, one shortcut, or one path to success.

No single coach or program has all the answers or can instantly transform your business. Launching and growing a successful 7-figure product business is far more complex than that.

Which is why, when you join the Productpreneur Academy, you get access to an entire team of mentors! Each of whom has run their own hugely successful product-based business, or has deep subject-matter expertise in areas very relevant to product businesses.

Our coaches and mentors have run businesses in a variety of niches, and have particular areas of interest and success, from eCommerce to off-shore manufacturing to retail to export distribution. And they have each run lucrative, profitable, and successful businesses.