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    “Catherine inspires Productpreneurs to grow their business and their brand into a lucrative empire”

Invest in yourself and your business for growth and successHi, I’m Catherine Langman, founder of the Productpreneur Academy.

It’s not in my nature to settle for ‘the way things have always been done’.

And I’m betting, seeing as you’ve landed here, you don’t either.

Because that’s why you’re in business, right? To sell your product, which is undoubtedly a much better, more innovative, more effective solution to an age-old problem than anything else on the market.

I’m a business coach, consultant, teacher, blogger and…

My genius is teaching business owners how to plan for growth, how to get their products in the hands of more people, and how to become a household brand (whilst stressing less, working smarter and enjoying yourself as much as possible!).

But what on earth is a Productpreneur? You might ask…

Because making up words is fun, I call those of us who design or invent their own product inventions, build their own brands, and create a business in order to sell them, PRODUCTPRENEURS.

I “get” Productpreuenrus – I understand what makes them tick and what drives their business. Because I am one – a successful one – and since selling my first business I’ve had numerous Productpreneurs approach me, wanting to learn what my secret sauce was…

Like many good things in life, I became a Productpreneur almost by accident.

Back in 2005, I became a mother. My first son was a honeymoon baby and boy what a life-changer he was! I thought being a Mum (that’s Australian for Mom if you’re playing along from the other side of the globe) was the best thing since sliced bread – so good in fact that I had another son a year later.

There was absolutely no way I could go back to my previous career after that. My background was in branding and advertising for blue chip corporate and government clients (the Coca Colas and Microsofts of the world).

But the ethical dilemma of designing packaging for a tobacco company and the boredom of creating advertising for a bank drove me to seek a more professionally satisfying and family-friendly role.

So I started my business. But I wasn’t just creating a job for myself – I was on a mission to change the world, one nappy (or diaper!) at a time.

Inspired by my own baby, my business designed, manufactured, distributed and retailed eco-friendly nappies for babies.

I wanted to create a business that was lucrative, successful, and yet flexible around the needs of my family.

And that’s exactly what I did.

I went on to create one of the first eco-friendly nappy brands to hit the big time, leading the brand from a small eBay-only presence to one stocked in retailers nationally and exporting globally (from New Zealand, to Asia, Dubai, UK, Europe and the United States.)

One of the biggest accolades I received during this time was the Telstra Business Awards, which is like the Academy Awards for privately owned businesses in Australia! What a thrill to be recognised by some very illustrious high achievers!

Along the way, I grew my business from a micro operation run from my dining room table into a highly profitable business, consistently doing 5-6 figures each month in sales.

How did I achieve this?

By creating a repeatable system for online sales as well as robust wholesale distribution. AND by building a brand that truly connected with my audience.

My unique process, tailored to those who are commercialising their own invention and building their own brand, allows you to get your brand noticed as well as to grow an army of raving fans both online and offline.

Sound enticing?

If you’ve already got the product and you need help with building the brand and the business around it, I can show you how.

By following my proven process, you too can enjoy results like these.

Can you taste that success already? Can you SEE your dream business?

Let’s do it.

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