Ecommerce Planner Book

Our "Productpreneur Success Planner" is a stylish hard-cover business planner (undated) designed for Ecommerce retailers and brands looking to set goals and stay organised.

PLUS receive FREE access to our Marketing Planning Fast Track Course (valued at $197)!


Here's What You Get... 

  • Receive a hard-cover 12-month printed Planner book (undated) shipped out to you,
  • Instant access to 12 training videos plus downloadable templates and resources,
  • Unlock a clear vision and precise goals for your online store,
  • Discover how to diagnose what issues and opportunities exist for your business,
  • Learn my step-by-step process to choose the right marketing strategies to drive growth,
  • Receive my plug-and-play templates to plan, monitor and review your marketing activities,  
  • And so much more... 

I’m Excited To Share These Transformational Planning Processes And Tools With You!

Catherine Langman is an award-winning business owner with extensive professional experience in product development, brand strategy, sales and marketing strategies for eCommerce businesses. 

Ready to plan for Ecommerce success?

"The most valuable thing I've ever learned that's helped me grow my business!"

- Lisa Munro, Happy Tummies

“Catherine's planning process showed me the potential for my business, which used to scare me but now excites and inspires me!"

- Wendy Siu-Chew Lee, Up On The Rooftop

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If you're an eCommerce business owner looking for some clarity and confidence about what you're doing - this is for you.